Project Gathering

The differences between real and virtual can best be distinguished in the realm of objects. While the virtual – still and motion images – can trick the mind into believing they are real, the eye perceives an artifact in a different way. It is evidence of the real world. On a grand scale, we have the geography of landscape that can take in rivers, cities, oceans, mountains and highways. Within cities, we experience the streets, sidewalks, buildings and entrances, pedestrians and vehicles. Crosswalks, stoplights and signs direct us.

On the human scale, we encounter the automobile, the computer, the door, the chair, the table, the bed, clothes, shoes and thousands of other every day objects. They are the language of our daily lives, complete with nuances and hidden meaning, signifying stories of poverty or wealth, celebration or regret, loved-ones or enemies, indifferences and more. The power of the object to elicit meaning and emotion lies in the narratives and memories that they evoke. There are many objects and more untold stories to tell than we can ever discover in a lifetime. Add this to next frontier.