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Today, there are more typefaces than languages. We wonder what is to be gained by yet one more typeface? A clarity of expression? One cannot suppress the creative urge to design a new font any more than the desire to create a new pharmaceutical, car or computer. But do type fonts have anything to do with efficiency or increasing understanding of the nuances of our wonderful languages or the world that we share. Is there a typeface for every idea or feeling? Does one suppose a typeface can reveal the character of an exhibit?

Exhibit Signature for AIA Website-SMALL

Surface Innovation: Redefining Boundaries of Interior & Exterior Spaces, Dekton by Cosentino

Type is like fashion, it must change to be seen. Putting the right clothes on the right person is more of an art than a science, like matching the content of an exhibit with a typeface. Our preferences in typography are, in order of priority, (1) readability, then (2) meaning, then (3) intrigue. We suppose that fashion falls into the third category.

Recyclarium logo

Recyclarium, Sims Municipal Recycling

6.1.2. PLASTIC_middle & right-FULL SCALE


Information Cards, Sims Municipal Recycling Center


Growin’ Motion — The Vertically Oriented Hydroponics System , cityHydroponics