Throughout the 10 years, BFI retained Whirlwind to produce a film to introduce the finalist and winner for each year. In 2017, Whirlwind produced a film documenting the legacy of the awards and commemorating the 10 finalists.

The 21st century ushers in a new set of challenges to the future of humanity: Climate Change, Loss of Natural … Continued

18-DOCUMENTARY_From the Horse's Body

The artist Gillian Jagger expresses in three new works a lifelong connection to earth and animal. From the body of … Continued

Video and Film

Celebrating Summer 2014, NYC If you walk to the far northern end of the High Line, where the construction of … Continued


A unique vision of Gillian Jagger is revealed in this short documentary of the creation of a sculpture made from … Continued

01-DOCUMENTARY_One Shenzhen Bay

These three short videos marked the formal civic celebration in China of three design firms, KPF (architects), AECOM (landscape) and … Continued

02-DOCUMENTARY_Duke Farms Orientation

This film, produced for the Orientation Center at Duke Farms, offers an overview to the cultural legacy of Duke Farms … Continued

03-DOCUMENTARY_Stephen Ross

For the AIA New York Chapter Award in 2013, this film acknowledges the career and vision of Stephen Ross, founder … Continued

04-DOCUMENTARY_Centennial Olympic Museum

As part of a major permanent exhibition at the Atlanta History Center, Whirlwind produced several video presentations, edited down from … Continued


As part of an exhibition for National Geographic to accompany a feature article on the one-year anniversary of Katrina, Whirlwind … Continued


A Swahili word meaning blackness, “Weusi” is also the name of a distinguished collective of artists established in Harlem during … Continued

07-DOCUMENTARY_Rebuilding Ground Zero

This selection from 16 short videos is a sampling of what Whirlwind produced for the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation to … Continued


Combining the musical genius of Craig Harris with the writings and poetry of black artists and archival images from Harlem, … Continued

09-DOCUMENTARY_After 911

Produced to accompany a traveling exhibition for the U.S. State Department and the Museum of the City of New York, … Continued


This distinguished gallery director and art collector offers a glimpse into his passion for and long-standing career in the arts … Continued

11-DOCUMENTARY_Following Gillian

As an artist who moved away from the heart of the art scene in New York City in the late … Continued

12-DOCUMENTARY_Grace Knowlton

In this video, the works of art become metaphors for Grace Knowlton’s life experiences and reflections on her own perceptions … Continued

13-DOCUMENTARY_Hamilton Grange

History resides in objects, and in this house resides the history of Alexander Hamilton, who completed the building Hamilton Grange … Continued


This intentional community located in Ithaca, NY, is the realization of a vision shared by two women, which grew into … Continued


The life of Jan Yoors stands out as an exceptional journey into and between two worlds: pre-war Europe and post … Continued


BFI Thumb

R. Buckminster Fuller was a 20th century inventor and visionary who did not limit himself to one field but worked … Continued


Countdown video for social media. For the final application process for Hunter’s Point South, a new affordable housing project in … Continued

01-EXPERIMENTAL_Improbability of Life

This experiential journey through New York was captured shortly after 9/11, when the premise of our daily lives was challenged … Continued

02-EXPERIMENTAL_Forms & Preforms

This amazing projection of sculpting in sand “onto sand” creates an illusion that fools the mind’s eye. The video projecting … Continued


The creative eye of Terry Parke is expressed in these six magical animations featuring from a photographic gallery installation entitled … Continued

04-EXPERIMENTAL_City of the World

In collaboration with the New York Historical Society, Whirlwind created a concept for a new vertical museum at Ground Zero, … Continued


This expressive video of the object palette of the artist’s work features a myriad of things that find place in … Continued


This video, which announced the opening of an exhibition of curated objects from the collection of the Museum of Arts … Continued

08-EXPERIMENTAL_Women's Museum

As an introductory wall to the Women’s Museum, a projection of morphing women’s faces acknowledges and celebrates the diversity of … Continued


This black and white video projected on a large screen as a backdrop to an exhibition of the Museum of … Continued


The Jupiter Inlet light house has a long history. Congress authorized its construction in 1853 and the structure was completed seven years later. From 1860 to 1939, more than 70 different lighthouse keepers served for varying lengths of time, fueling the lighthouse’s lam with oil, winding the mechanism that turned the lens and keeping watch through the night.

The Jupiter Inlet lighthouse has a long history. Congress authorized its construction in 1853 and the structure was completed seven … Continued

FOOD FOR THOUGHT—A Composting Game

As part of the Planet Earth WasteLab, two interactive games were developed and built for the mobile exhibit and to … Continued

01-INTERACTIVE_Hudson Yards

Design in the New Heart of New York interactive features the designs accompanied by narratives of prominent architects and executives … Continued

02-INTERACTIVE_Duke Farms Open for Discovery

8 Interactive Touch screens are housed in the Orientation Center at Duke Farms, providing a wide range of information about … Continued

03-INTERACTIVE_Duke Farms Eco Quiz

This quiz is a favorite for visitors to test their knowledge of new environmental practices and how to reduce their … Continued

04-INTERACTIVE_Duke Farms Eco Timeline

A timeline based on the work of Carolyn’s Merchant’s American Environmental History, An Introduction, follows nearly 1000 years of history … Continued

05-INTERACTIVE_Trashmaster Game SIMS

Aiming to promote awareness about the value of recycling, this game is designed for school groups to learn more about … Continued

06-INTERACTIVE_Olympic Mania

A 12 station game links each station with a different topic connected to one of 12 areas of a 6,000 … Continued


This unique interactive uses a vertical touch screen that travels along horizontal rails against a backdrop of information. The history … Continued


Input your age and weight and subject yourself to a series of life-style questions to discover how life choices affect … Continued


This interactive highlights Nutrilite’s programs around the world, ranging from athletes and events that the company sponsors in North America, … Continued

09-INTERACTIVE_Amway & One on One

This interactive profiles 40 Amway employees, as told through interviews and support imagery captured by Whirlwind Creative over five days … Continued


Incorporating brand assets, movies and products, this interactive reinforces one of the several product divisions at Amway, a complete line … Continued

11-INTERACTIVE_Amway Ripple Wall

A simple interactive program using a multi-touch screen allows visitors to take feature images from the orientation film and create … Continued

13-Amway I-WALL Thumbnail

The Amway 50th Anniversary I-Wall traverses on parallel rails, with a moving menu advancing in 5 year increments forwards and … Continued

12-INTERACTIVE_Women's Museum Words

Mining the literature of famous women writers, the impact of women on the world, inspiring us to think and act … Continued


AHC web 10

A fabric quilt became one of the central icons of the Centennial Olympic Games and the inspiration for the design … Continued


As part of a comprehensive brand design for the Dwyer Cultural Center, Whirlwind produced a series of video animations for … Continued


For the premiere of a new brand look for Amway’s home products, two synchronized projections onto a 20’ long x … Continued


This dramatic 4 screen presentation presents highlights from the 1996 Olympic competition in Atlanta. Situated in a rotunda made up … Continued


The electronic quilt welcomes visitors to The Women’s Museum, carrying on a tradition of bringing disparate pieces together in unity. … Continued


This large scale, light, sound and 3-screen video presentation transforms on cue a 9,000 sq.ft. exhibit hall of historic racing … Continued

07 NYC 2012-WEB_04

In their bid for the Olympic Games, NYC 2012 hired Whirlwind to transform the Panorama model into a live demonstration … Continued


On the 100th anniversary of Lightolier and renovation of the national headquarters, Whirlwind executed a 30 foot long multi-media wall … Continued


As one of the signature features of the Women’s Museum, Whirlwind created the Funny Women Theater. Through a presentation of … Continued


In a spontaneous exhibit curated and produced by Whirlwind Creative for the Whirlwind Space gallery, 100 objects borrowed from 100 … Continued

design layouts9

For Gensler Architects, Whirlwind developed a concept for the company lobbies of Lenovo, which featured a linear video wall filled … Continued