18-DOCUMENTARY_From the Horse's Body

The artist Gillian Jagger expresses in three new works a lifelong connection to earth and animal. From the body of … Continued

Video and Film

Celebrating Summer 2014, NYC If you walk to the far northern end of the High Line, where the construction of … Continued


A unique vision of Gillian Jagger is revealed in this short documentary of the creation of a sculpture made from … Continued

01-DOCUMENTARY_One Shenzhen Bay

These three short videos marked the formal civic celebration in China of three design firms, KPF (architects), AECOM (landscape) and … Continued

02-DOCUMENTARY_Duke Farms Orientation

This film, produced for the Orientation Center at Duke Farms, offers an overview to the cultural legacy of Duke Farms … Continued

03-DOCUMENTARY_Stephen Ross

For the AIA New York Chapter Award in 2013, this film acknowledges the career and vision of Stephen Ross, founder … Continued

04-DOCUMENTARY_Centennial Olympic Museum

As part of a major permanent exhibition at the Atlanta History Center, Whirlwind produced several video presentations, edited down from … Continued


As part of an exhibition for National Geographic to accompany a feature article on the one-year anniversary of Katrina, Whirlwind … Continued


A Swahili word meaning blackness, “Weusi” is also the name of a distinguished collective of artists established in Harlem during … Continued

07-DOCUMENTARY_Rebuilding Ground Zero

This selection from 16 short videos is a sampling of what Whirlwind produced for the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation to … Continued


Combining the musical genius of Craig Harris with the writings and poetry of black artists and archival images from Harlem, … Continued

09-DOCUMENTARY_After 911

Produced to accompany a traveling exhibition for the U.S. State Department and the Museum of the City of New York, … Continued


This distinguished gallery director and art collector offers a glimpse into his passion for and long-standing career in the arts … Continued

11-DOCUMENTARY_Following Gillian

As an artist who moved away from the heart of the art scene in New York City in the late … Continued

12-DOCUMENTARY_Grace Knowlton

In this video, the works of art become metaphors for Grace Knowlton’s life experiences and reflections on her own perceptions … Continued

13-DOCUMENTARY_Hamilton Grange

History resides in objects, and in this house resides the history of Alexander Hamilton, who completed the building Hamilton Grange … Continued


This intentional community located in Ithaca, NY, is the realization of a vision shared by two women, which grew into … Continued


The life of Jan Yoors stands out as an exceptional journey into and between two worlds: pre-war Europe and post … Continued


BFI Thumb

R. Buckminster Fuller was a 20th century inventor and visionary who did not limit himself to one field but worked … Continued


Countdown video for social media. For the final application process for Hunter’s Point South, a new affordable housing project in … Continued

01-EXPERIMENTAL_Improbability of Life

This experiential journey through New York was captured shortly after 9/11, when the premise of our daily lives was challenged … Continued

02-EXPERIMENTAL_Forms & Preforms

This amazing projection of sculpting in sand “onto sand” creates an illusion that fools the mind’s eye. The video projecting … Continued


The creative eye of Terry Parke is expressed in these six magical animations featuring from a photographic gallery installation entitled … Continued

04-EXPERIMENTAL_City of the World

In collaboration with the New York Historical Society, Whirlwind created a concept for a new vertical museum at Ground Zero, … Continued


This expressive video of the object palette of the artist’s work features a myriad of things that find place in … Continued


This video, which announced the opening of an exhibition of curated objects from the collection of the Museum of Arts … Continued

08-EXPERIMENTAL_Women's Museum

As an introductory wall to the Women’s Museum, a projection of morphing women’s faces acknowledges and celebrates the diversity of … Continued


This black and white video projected on a large screen as a backdrop to an exhibition of the Museum of … Continued


FOOD FOR THOUGHT—A Composting Game

As part of the Planet Earth WasteLab, two interactive games were developed and built for the mobile exhibit and to … Continued

01-INTERACTIVE_Hudson Yards

Design in the New Heart of New York interactive features the designs accompanied by narratives of prominent architects and executives … Continued

02-INTERACTIVE_Duke Farms Open for Discovery

8 Interactive Touch screens are housed in the Orientation Center at Duke Farms, providing a wide range of information about … Continued

03-INTERACTIVE_Duke Farms Eco Quiz

This quiz is a favorite for visitors to test their knowledge of new environmental practices and how to reduce their … Continued

04-INTERACTIVE_Duke Farms Eco Timeline

A timeline based on the work of Carolyn’s Merchant’s American Environmental History, An Introduction, follows nearly 1000 years of history … Continued

05-INTERACTIVE_Trashmaster Game SIMS

Aiming to promote awareness about the value of recycling, this game is designed for school groups to learn more about … Continued

06-INTERACTIVE_Olympic Mania

A 12 station game links each station with a different topic connected to one of 12 areas of a 6,000 … Continued


This unique interactive uses a vertical touch screen that travels along horizontal rails against a backdrop of information. The history … Continued


Input your age and weight and subject yourself to a series of life-style questions to discover how life choices affect … Continued


This interactive highlights Nutrilite’s programs around the world, ranging from athletes and events that the company sponsors in North America, … Continued

09-INTERACTIVE_Amway & One on One

This interactive profiles 40 Amway employees, as told through interviews and support imagery captured by Whirlwind Creative over five days … Continued


Incorporating brand assets, movies and products, this interactive reinforces one of the several product divisions at Amway, a complete line … Continued

11-INTERACTIVE_Amway Ripple Wall

A simple interactive program using a multi-touch screen allows visitors to take feature images from the orientation film and create … Continued

13-Amway I-WALL Thumbnail

The Amway 50th Anniversary I-Wall traverses on parallel rails, with a moving menu advancing in 5 year increments forwards and … Continued

12-INTERACTIVE_Women's Museum Words

Mining the literature of famous women writers, the impact of women on the world, inspiring us to think and act … Continued


AHC web 10

A fabric quilt became one of the central icons of the Centennial Olympic Games and the inspiration for the design … Continued


As part of a comprehensive brand design for the Dwyer Cultural Center, Whirlwind produced a series of video animations for … Continued


For the premiere of a new brand look for Amway’s home products, two synchronized projections onto a 20’ long x … Continued


This dramatic 4 screen presentation presents highlights from the 1996 Olympic competition in Atlanta. Situated in a rotunda made up … Continued


The electronic quilt welcomes visitors to The Women’s Museum, carrying on a tradition of bringing disparate pieces together in unity. … Continued


This large scale, light, sound and 3-screen video presentation transforms on cue a 9,000 sq.ft. exhibit hall of historic racing … Continued

07 NYC 2012-WEB_04

In their bid for the Olympic Games, NYC 2012 hired Whirlwind to transform the Panorama model into a live demonstration … Continued


On the 100th anniversary of Lightolier and renovation of the national headquarters, Whirlwind executed a 30 foot long multi-media wall … Continued


As one of the signature features of the Women’s Museum, Whirlwind created the Funny Women Theater. Through a presentation of … Continued


In a spontaneous exhibit curated and produced by Whirlwind Creative for the Whirlwind Space gallery, 100 objects borrowed from 100 … Continued

design layouts9

For Gensler Architects, Whirlwind developed a concept for the company lobbies of Lenovo, which featured a linear video wall filled … Continued